Teacher registration

Welcome to 1-learn.com’s training platform

– 1) After your registration HERE, send us the following information by email to Contact
– The name of your organization (e.g. Hotel School X, Training Centre Y, Your name for private courses… etc.)
– The name of your course (ex: English, French… etc…)
– A visual: image, photo, your photo… (if you do not have a visual, we will provide one free of charge)
We will register you as a creative / management teacher and create a 1st tree structure of your choice.

– 2) After opening your space (64Mg), an email will be sent to you with a link pointing to it so that you can start creating your courses as a creative teacher. Tutorials will be available to help you create courses: how to define the transition marks from one level to another, create evaluations, forums, chats to start your course live (or not!), create workshops, follow your learners at any time… etc…]

– 3) We provide you with technical support for the implementation of your courses and tests free of charge. This support will be provided by email. (We can also register your first students, we will just need the list in excel format indicating one email address per line)
nb: If you require off-platform support, please contact us for a quote. Contact Information

– 4) Register your students (without limit of number) and start your training by inviting them (by class or individually) by email.

– 5) Your courses will be archived from one year to the next as well as your question bank to make your checks until you request deletion. For the question bank, you will be able to create tests with the “random choice of questions” option… which will delight your learners for a one-year test! 🙂
The results of the tests according to the type of questions will be returned to you by the platform in the form of notes and reports. The dashboard will show you in real time where your students stand.

nb: For your private lessons paying use your usual payment method or create your course with PayPal access. (No commissions or fees will be charged by cuisine-virtuelle.com[the platform is financed by advertising])

 You can create and follow your courses on PC, tablet, smartphone wherever you want when you want!

Access to the platform will be open and free of charge to your learners
24/24 and 365 * days a year (* excluding updates and server failure)

Now all you have to do is discover the environment of your platform.

Thank you for choosing 1-learn.com

Franck Pouffet

Founder of 1-learn.com