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*Teachers, for the launch of 1-learn.com we offer you 1 year subscription


( School, Training Center contact us to have a dedicated space at contact@1-learn.com )



Teachers, to register, we invite you to follow the following steps:


– 1) After your registration *(here) and payment of your space, send us by e-mail to contact@1-learn.com the following information:


*On the date of your registration you will have a free space for one year. Thereafter if you decide to remain at the current rate you will be asked.

(no fee will be charged if you leave 1-learn.com during, after, or after)


Souscription 64Mo

– a) The category in which you want to display your itinerary:

– Hindi

– English

– Frenchman

– Mathematics

– Other Other

A visual: image, photo, your photo…


– b) The content of your course

Example: Improve your English

Ranking test
-1 private course

-1 private course group
-16 levels of interactive exercises (A1 – C2)
-Business and Tourism English


– 2) An email will be sent with a link to your space[64Mg] to start creating your courses. Tutorials are at your disposal to help you in the creation: courses, evaluations, questionnaires, forums, various workshops, follow-up of your students, evaluation… etc] (we will accompany you free of charge for your first installation)


– 3) Once you have created your course, set the prices with Paypal access (or create free courses)


– 4) Invite your students (We offer advertisements to highlight your courses. Quotation on request)



Thank you for choosing 1-learn.com

Franck Pouffet

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